IN MATH: 1. n. metric unit of mass (symbol g); "weighs" about the same as 1 cubic centimeter, or 1 milliliter, of water. EX. How many grams are there in 1 kilogram?


MEASURE UP (PART II) - The Metric System

    It includes:
  • Introduction to the Introduction
  • Introduction to the Metric System
  • Introduction to the Metric System --II
  • Meter Tape
  • Metric Prefixes & Conversion
  • Liter Box
  • Braided Centimeter Cube
  • Liter Bottle
  • Body Lab - I
  • Body Lab - II
  • Height & Drawing Proportional Stick Figures

IN ENGLISH: 1. n. a nickname for grandma or grandmother or an older woman. 2. as defined above.

APPLICATION: (see list 110)

1. How many grams are there in 1 kilogram?

2. Complete: 4 g = __ mg

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