IN MATH: 1. n. a use. 2. a rule which performs in a certain way. Each number upon which the function is performed returns a unique result. It is never the case that one input yields two different outcomes; a set of ordered pairs, (x, y) in which each x is matched with only one y. [See VERTICAL LINE TEST .] EX. What's the range of the function y = 3x - 2?

IN ENGLISH: 1. n. a social event or happening. EX. The next school function is the Sock Hop. 2. n. job, role. EX. Your function is to be sure everyone has a good time.

APPLICATION: See list 240 and 300.

1. Identify the functions:
a) x + y = 1
b) Hint: This is a circle.
c) {(2,4)}

IN MATH: 1. n. symbol for function; the way one reads the symbol for a function with independent variable x. [See FUNCTION, above.] EX. "What's the range of the function f(x) = 3x - 2?" means the same thing as "What's the range of the function y = 3x - 2?"

IN ENGLISH: as defined above.

APPLICATION: See list 240 and 300.

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