base base

IN MATH: 1. n. in a polygon or in a solid, the side or surface perpendicular to the height. EX. The base of the triangle is 7 cm. 2. n. in an algebraic expression, the factor which is multiplied repeatedly as indicated by the exponent. EX. Four cubed means four times four times four. Three is the exponent. Four is the base. 3. n. in computing percentage, the whole. EX. Use a base pay of $29,000 to figure your bonus.

IN ENGLISH: 1. n. bottom, the foundation, often the supporting part. EX. The base of this building is the cellar. 2. n. headquarters. EX. Base camp was the starting point for the mountain climb. 3. adj. low, of inferior quality. EX. His actions were base, almost uncivilized. 4. as defined above. 5. n. a marker in the game of baseball. 6. n. in chemistry, an electron donor which neutralizes an acid.

APPLICATION: See list 210 and 140 and 160.

1. If the base of a triangle is 7 cm, and the area is , what's the height?

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