IN MATH: 1. conj. a signal that another piece of information is about to be given. 2. v. often a colloquial expression for the words "and also add."

EX. Her teacher complained when Tildi asked, "What's 5x and 3x?" but meant "What's the sum of 5x and 3x?"

Tildi countered with, "Since 4.5 is read as four and five-tenths, and since 4 is four and a quarter, then 5x and 3x must mean the sum of 5x and 3x. That's what I meant. I asked for the sum correctly."

The teacher had to agree.

IN ENGLISH: conj. also, in addition.

APPLICATION: See list 10 and 200.

1. The product of 5 and 1.7 is decreased by the sum of .75 and .6. What's the result?

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