Calc I Questionbook - Questions
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Optimization, finding & using maxima & minima, is an important reason to learn calculus. This procedure requires both arithmetic/algebra/geometry/precalc and calc.
To create the formula to be maximized or minimized, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, & precalc are most important.
To find the extrema calculus is used.
In the text, section 3.7, pg. 216-218, use arithmetic, algebra, geometry, & precalc to set up the equation to be maximized or minimized. Show paper & pencil work for problems 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 11 required to generate these equations.
State the interval over which the variable is defined.
29.Complete page 216 number 17, maximizing area inclosed by fences.
Complete page 216 number 18, maximizing area inclosed by fences.
30. Newton's Method permists one to zoom in mathematically on an x-value or function value. On the graph below, draw and label the points and segments required to complete 3 iterations of Newton's Method used to find the x-intercept of f(x),
31. The course is half over. How are you doing?
Write a letter to the prof about how you are doing in the course, what things you need to do study, what topics you feels best about, and any other comments you wish to make.
Precalc log & exponent review questions:
pcexp0., pcexpb., pcexp10.
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