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graph paper
Projects: Project Questions
Some Possible Projects
qb coversheet
Model for Distance
compute distances w/ web page
model info
Solve Algebraically & graphically
Solving Equations Graphically, Solutions to Linear Equations
"Why = a(x - h) + k?" -- EVERYTHING
Solve w/Graphing Calulator
Syntax, numbers, expressions
number systems
calculator express or simplify
compute.xls arith to trig and stat
calculator solve
Functions library function library
basic functions, expressions
odd/even/neither , odd/even ,
increasing/decreasing, end behavior
symmetry ,
most important functions -- IDENTITY, OPPOSITE, RECIPROCAL: ,
linear.xls graphs, slope
Slope Song
Who Has? Lines , ,
linear inequality notation , =poi++--+
solving equations and inequalities: algebraically, graphically technologically ,
linear equation solver
solving equations and inequalities: algebraically, graphically, technologically in 1, 2, 3 dimensions: solve linear ,
solve a quadratic equation vs. simplify a radical expression
quadratic equation
Families of functions ,
function notation
basic curve shifting and composition of functions:
shift square root functions
shift reciprocal function ,
translations, dilations, reflections: algebraically and graphically
Who Has? Curve Shift
more on composition of functions
Inverse Functions inverse functions: verbally, analytically, algebraically
Inverse Notes ,     Inverse Problems     Take An Inverse In 4 Language Families
dilation of a function , Dilation creates functions ,
Quadratic Functions
quadratic functions: graphs, equations, features, vocabulary , ,
regions bounded by curves: pcdraw , fx8 (precalc drawing required in calc)
Polynomial Functions
, , ,
poly.xls by degree & coeff or in factored, synthetic division, solves
roots of polynomial functions ,
Who Has? Polynomial F(x)
Complex Numbers
more on complex numbers: Elizabeth Stapel on Complex Computation I II
Rational Functions
rational functions
ratl.xls top vs bottom, graph, endbehavior, A(x)/B(x) + C(x), asymptotes
Who Has? Rat'l F(x)
Log & Exponential Functions
library Function Library
Exponential or Power Functions    
A Bit about e, the base of the Natural Logs    
Even More About e, the base of the Natural Logs    
Linear vs Exponential Growth        
Parent Functions, Their Slope Functions, and Area Functions
Questionbook questions on exponents and logs:
      graph exponentials
      solve exponentials
A LOG IS AN EXPONENT - exponential and natural log are inverse functions ,
exp.xls pay, 2 curves
Who Has? Exoponential
Logs without Feeling Out on A Limb
Log Papers
Trig Functions
Triangle Sides & Angles Vocabulary
Right Triangle Sides & Angles --
equilateral triangle
30-60-90 triangle
the square
45-45-90 triangle
Fractions, Radians, Angles - Radian Measure
Radian Measure
degree to radian
radian to degree
Degrees & Radians -
the 90s
90s Answers
45s Answers
60s Answers
30s Answers
Trig Functions of Reference & Special Angles
All Students Take Calculus
Six Trig Functions and the Unit Circle
Six Trig Functions and the Unit Circle
  · The Animated Unit Circle. - Words w/text.
  · *unit circle jig saw puzzle master
Black Unit Circle - Each function is the length of a leg or hypotenuse of a right triangle.
Colored Unit Circle - w/6 Trig Functions
central angle animation only
sine & cosine animation only
tangent and secant animation only
cotangent and cosecant animation only
all 6 functions animation only
all 6 functions with segments labeled animation only
Inverse Trig Functions graphic
Pythagorean Trig Identities
sine-cosine, sin2(A) + cos2(A) = 1
tangent-secant, tan2(A) + 1 = sec2(A)
cotangent-cosecant, cot2(A) + 1 = csc2(A)
Cheat Sheets of Trig Identities --
Pythagorean Identities, Cofunctions, Odd/Even Functions
Sine, Cosine, & Tangent of the Sums & Differences
Double & Half Angle Formulas
(Signs of the Trig Functions)
Trig Functions Summary Pages
*Lessons 330 - Trig Functions
Last year's "Trig Tricks"
Sine Law & Asin(Bx-C)+D & Solve Triangles
Sine Law Ambiguous Case
  · web page & text
  · just the master
    master sinelaw.xls DIGITAL MANIPULATIVE
solvtrig.xls -- solve all sorts of triangles
sine.xls -- Asin(Bx-C)+D, sine, cosine, tangent, or sine & cosine
  · sine & cosine animation only
Inverse Trig Functions Graphic
Solving Equations Graphically, Solutions to Linear Equations    
More Trig Equations to Solve    
vector.xls -- completes scalar addition, multiplication, and vector addition
polrect.xls -- A DIGITAL MANIPULATIVE for drawing and addition of vectors.
cramers.xls 2x2, 3x3, systems, minors, augmented columns
polrect.xls vector DIGITAL & hot
maytrix computation, inverse, solve systems
tiles.xls all stuff & hot

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