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graph paper
Projects: Project Questions
Some Possible Projects
qb coversheet
Model for Distance
compute distances w/ web page
model info
Solve Algebraically & graphically
Solving Equations Graphically, Solutions to Linear Equations
"Why = a(x - h) + k?" -- EVERYTHING
Solve w/Graphing Calulator
Syntax, numbers, expressions
number systems
calculator express or simplify
compute.xls arith to trig and stat
calculator solve
Functions library function library
basic functions, expressions
odd/even/neither , odd/even ,
increasing/decreasing, end behavior
symmetry ,
most important functions -- IDENTITY, OPPOSITE, RECIPROCAL: ,
linear.xls graphs, slope
Slope Song
Who Has? Lines , ,
linear inequality notation , =poi++--+
solving equations and inequalities: algebraically, graphically technologically ,
linear equation solver
solving equations and inequalities: algebraically, graphically, technologically in 1, 2, 3 dimensions: solve linear ,
solve a quadratic equation vs. simplify a radical expression
quadratic equation
Families of functions ,
function notation
basic curve shifting and composition of functions:
shift square root functions
shift reciprocal function ,
translations, dilations, reflections: algebraically and graphically
Who Has? Curve Shift
more on composition of functions
Inverse Functions inverse functions: verbally, analytically, algebraically
Inverse Notes ,     Inverse Problems     Take An Inverse In 4 Language Families
dilation of a function , Dilation creates functions ,
Quadratic Functions
quadratic functions: graphs, equations, features, vocabulary , ,
regions bounded by curves: pcdraw , fx8 (precalc drawing required in calc)
Polynomial Functions
, , ,
poly.xls by degree & coeff or in factored, synthetic division, solves
roots of polynomial functions ,
Who Has? Polynomial F(x)
Complex Numbers
more on complex numbers: Elizabeth Stapel on Complex Computation I II
Rational Functions
rational functions
ratl.xls top vs bottom, graph, endbehavior, A(x)/B(x) + C(x), asymptotes
Who Has? Rat'l F(x)
Log & Exponential Functions
exponents and logs: graph exponentials , solve exponential
exponential and natural log are inverse functions (p28s20) ,
exp.xls pay, 2 curves
Who Has? Exoponential
Logs without Feeling Out on A Limb
Log Papers
Trig Functions
Triangle Sides & Angles Vocabulary
Right Triangle Sides & Angles --
equilateral triangle
30-60-90 triangle
the square
45-45-90 triangle
Fractions, Radians, Angles - Radian Measure
Radian Measure
degree to radian
radian to degree
Degrees & Radians -
the 90s
90s Answers
45s Answers
60s Answers
30s Answers
Trig Functions of Reference & Special Angles
All Students Take Calculus
Six Trig Functions and the Unit Circle
Six Trig Functions and the Unit Circle
  · The Animated Unit Circle. - Words w/text.
  · *unit circle jig saw puzzle master
Black Unit Circle - Each function is the length of a leg or hypotenuse of a right triangle.
Colored Unit Circle - w/6 Trig Functions
central angle animation only
sine & cosine animation only
tangent and secant animation only
cotangent and cosecant animation only
all 6 functions animation only
all 6 functions with segments labeled animation only
Inverse Trig Functions graphic
Pythagorean Trig Identities
sine-cosine, sin2(A) + cos2(A) = 1
tangent-secant, tan2(A) + 1 = sec2(A)
cotangent-cosecant, cot2(A) + 1 = csc2(A)
Cheat Sheets of Trig Identities --
Pythagorean Identities, Cofunctions, Odd/Even Functions
Sine, Cosine, & Tangent of the Sums & Differences
Double & Half Angle Formulas
(Signs of the Trig Functions)
Trig Functions Summary Pages
*Lessons 330 - Trig Functions
Last year's "Trig Tricks"
Sine Law & Asin(Bx-C)+D & Solve Triangles
Sine Law Ambiguous Case
  · web page & text
  · just the master
    master sinelaw.xls DIGITAL MANIPULATIVE
solvtrig.xls -- solve all sorts of triangles
sine.xls -- Asin(Bx-C)+D, sine, cosine, tangent, or sine & cosine
  · sine & cosine animation only
Inverse Trig Functions Graphic
solvtrig.xls all sorts of triangles
vector.xls -- completes scalar addition, multiplication, and vector addition
polrect.xls -- A DIGITAL MANIPULATIVE for drawing and addition of vectors.
cramers.xls 2x2, 3x3, systems, minors, augmented columns
polrect.xls vector DIGITAL & hot
maytrix computation, inverse, solve systems
tiles.xls all stuff & hot

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