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August 22, 2000

Dear Student,

    Teaching mathematic to people is my vocation. Both mathematics and my students are important to me. I work hard at teaching and expect my students to work hard at learning. I am a single parent, a full-time teacher, a landlord, an author, a publisher, web master, and an educational consultant. My office phone number is 732-906-4245 and email is My home phone number is 732-739-3951 and home email address is If you don't have email but do get on the Internet, you can leave a note at, the page linked by , the class button.

    Even if you are just stuck on the homework or wish to discuss how you feel in class, phone or email me. I consider speaking and writing about mathematics, mental computation, pencil and paper computation, and calculator computation to be important items. I discuss and demonstrate each and encourage you to learn to become proficient with each. You might regularly spend time in my office working on math.

    Graded assignments are required in addition to tests & final. These assignments are collected in a questionbook (linked below with questionbook home), printed by the student from the internet site, answered and handed in revising them until answers are correct, taking quizzes until perfect papers are achieved, and completing a "project" which includes a short written and oral presentation. In this class, you will be talking and working with other students. One student called the class she took with me "the most user-friendly, interactive math class" she ever had. IF YOU ARE NOT AMIABLE TO THESE CONCEPTS, DO NOT REMAIN IN THIS SECTION: SWITCH TO ANOTHER SECTION.

    It is your responsibility to learn the material. It is my responsibility to make the learning process as productive as possible. If you miss a class, check the course outline to determine what work you must do, read the material in the text, do the homework, phone if you need help. For many students, this is a review course. Don't think that means it's easy. Homework is important. Do it. Stay with it. Keep current on it and the questionbook questions.

    Tests are like job interviews made months in advance: Treat them as such. Don't miss a test. If you must miss a test, be sure I know about it as soon as you do. I don't permit makeup tests except in extreme cases so do not plan on taking a makeup for a test or exam you miss. On a 0 to 5 grade range, you'll get the 0.

    Being a student is not an easy job. It is work. Plan time to attend class as well as time to work on the material outside class. If I can be of help, call me or see me in my office or after class. I have mounted arithmetic & algebra material at my web site including a dictionary, [Words], (directions at: [MSH! Home]), grouped words at [Applications], tutorials & supplemental material at Classes, table of contents at [Table], and related essays at [Essays].

    The pace of the course is determined by the math department's course outline. If you wish me to slow down, restate what I've just said, write it in symbols, write it in words, explain it in a different way, STOP ME and ask if I would do what you wish! I do have some flexibility in how the material is presented.

    Have a good semester.

Agnes Azzolino

1.     Now it's your turn to introduced yourself to me. Who are you? What are your non-math-class-worlds? Discuss how your roles in these worlds (family, home, work) might effect your performance in this class. Write about your math background. Tell me of your strengths, weaknesses, fears, and goals. Discuss how mathematics might play a role in your future. Tell me what I can do to help you achieve your goals for this class. Perhaps state where you sit in class and the color and length of your hair.

2.     Read the "Grading & Cheating Policy" on the next page and include in your letter to me a statement that you "have read and understood the Grading Policy."

3. Send your letter FROM YOUR email address to my address at NOTE: If you have no email, bring your letter to class and hand it in with the coversheet.
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