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P1. Project Title & Focus (1 point, if topic is approved)

    Choose and have approved a topic for a 10-minute math lecture. This will be your project. It consists of:
  • a not-longer-than-10-minute Zoom presentation in which you are visible for at least some point in the presentation, with a
  • not-longer-than-2-page handout produced as a pdf file to be posted for use during the presentation, and
  • an office hour conferences with the instructor to finalize the presentation.
  • Projects will be approved on a first come/first served basis.

P2. Draft (1-2 points for draft)

    Obtain approval of the a 2-page, 8-1/2" x 11" paper, draft of your project notes.
  • Notes should include:
  • The Title
  • Your Name
  • vocabulary and introduction
  • main point or idea
  • completed examples
  • a set of typical question (and answers)

P3. Conference (1 point for conference)

    Have an office hour conference with the instructor after you have handed in the draft of your paper. The conference will focus on the content and presentation of your project.

P4. Final Notes (1 point for final copy produced in pdf format, if approved)

    Obtain approval of the final version of your notes two days before presentation date so that the pdf file may be distributed by email or posted, depending on the class vote at the beginning of the semester.

P5. Presentation (1 point for presentation)

    Make your presentation to the class.

P6. Test Question & Answer (1 or 2 point for question/answer, if of quality & correct)

    Write and answer an original test question/problem after you have made your Zool class presentation. The question should be one that a "B student" would be able to answer.

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