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      Here's what the pieces mean:
scheme then// server & domain name path file then fragment
http -- HyperText Transfer Protocol not
    ftp (File Transfer Protocol) or
    shttp (Secure HTTP)
-- This is called the scheme.
: -- The colon seperates the scheme from the scheme parts
www -- A scheme part, the server name.
-- It's the name of the computer on which server stores the files in the domain, listed next.
. -- The period seperates the scheme parts.
mathnstuff -- A scheme part, part of the domain name.
. -- The period seperates the first & last part of the domain name.
com -- part of the domain name which indicates it's a commercial site not
    gov -- for government, not
    edu -- for educational instutition, not
    org -- for some sort of an organization, not
    net -- for a network provider
/papers/webstuf/ -- path of directories
make2.htm -- file name
# -- seperates fragment name from file name
seventh -- fragment, location in a file.
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