The Basic -- this area of this page
-- Provides simple code for organization purposes.
<table><tr><td>  </td></tr></table>
The Good -- Newsletter Table of Contents
-- Table within a table.
< table><tr>
   <td> <table><tr><td>  </td></tr></table></td>
   <td> <table><tr><td>  </td></tr></table> </td>
The Not Bad -- Office Hours Page
-- using different colors to highlight different features
   <td bgcolor="white"> </td>
   <td bgcolor="yellow"> </td>
The Really Ugly -- A College Computer Asssignment
-- spacing rows & columns
   <td width="50%"> </td>
   <td width="40"> </td>
-- more row & column spacing
<th rowspan=5>For a heading which spans 5 rows</th>
<td colspan=2>For a table entry which spans 2 columns</td>

    The reader is invited to view the code of a page and see "how it's done."

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