Building A Better Browser

      By Creating Links

    Toolbars are part of the control panel of a browser. Create links and place them on the browser's Toolbar to facilitate easy browsing. This may be done using the Favorites Menu or the mouse and Toolbar.

    To determine which toolbars are displayed use the View menu. Select View, then Toolbar, then check each toobar you wish displayed on the browser.
      View Toolbar Standard Buttons
Address Bar
Text Labels

    Below is a browser with a Menu bar but no Toolbar since no Toolbar options were checked.

    Below is a browser with a Menu bar, and all available Toolbars: the Address Line, Links, Standard Buttons, and Text Labels.

    Note the 4 links listed on Links line on the Toolbar above. They are:

Method 1: Adding A Link through the Favorites Menu.
1st: On the browser, open the web page you wish to link.
2nd: Through the Favorites Menu, select Add to Favorites.
3rd: Through Create In, select Links and then Ok.
Method 2: Mouse Drag to the Links Line of the Toolbar.
1st: Activate the Link option on the Toolbar. (Make the Links line visible.)
2nd: On the browser, open a web page with the link listed.
3rd: Click on the link, but do not release the mouse.
4th: DRAG the link from the web page itself, TO the Link line.
5th: Release the mouse, placing the link on the Link line.
    At the left, the sp00mini hot spot is depicted on a page.
Below are real hot spots or links to move to your browser.
www.2class    www.mine  and page building links:
colorname  colortable  make1  webschool

To remove the link from the Links line,
1st: Place the mouse on the link on the Links line.
2nd: Right-click on the mouse as it is positioned on the link in question.
3rd: When the pull-down menu appears, select Delete.

    This can also be done with Netscape NavigatorŪ using similar steps.

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