How to
    Create An Animation

    Animation is an effective means of communication because it orders a presention in a very visual manner.

    Animation can transform simple notes to an organized appealing message.

  1. Decide what you want to say, in what order you wish to do it, AND if you have the TIME to say it with an animation.
        The above notes were scanned from class notes of 4/3/00 in preparation for posting notes to the web. It is not a message which can easily be taught in few words. A free Saturday morning prompted the animation.
  2. Open a web page similar to sat.htm to organize and display graphics external to the graphics software. The page has more than the required gif image slots and these slots have been numbered.
  3. In a graphics apprication or program such as Paint® open a new file large enough to contain the most extensive display of the message.
        The above animation is 400 x 400 pixels and too large. The size was determined by an even larger animation invisioned to diplay a similar but more sophisticated message.
        Here are other sizes one might use. When in doubt, go with the larger size.

  4. Open two graphics files of the size determined above. These are for the first graphic in sequence and a storage or scrap area. They act as an artist's canvas and palate. In sat.htm, these graphics are sat1.gif and satz.gif.
  5. Before creating each graphic in sequence, use these two spaces for a "run through" or first draft of the entire message. Use the storage picture to edit (particularly text). Use the canvas picture to experiment with placement of blocks of the message. The picture extra mimics this rough draft.
  6. Create a and store the desired sequence of pictures using the last picture as a canvas to create the next picture. This increases uniformity and will decrease "jumpiness" in the final animation.
  7. Using animation software like Gif Construction Set® create your animation.
        "You can order on line at [their] web page"
        "Call [their] toll-free order desk at 1-800-263-1138 from Canada and the United States.
        "Call 0-800-89-7355 from Great Britain.
        "Call 1-800-554-082 from Australia. Callers from other countries can reach the order desk at 1-905-936-9500."
  8. Save the animation and incorporate it on the desired web page.

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