The Visual / Auditory / Symbolic / Kinesthetic Approach to Algebra

For Later Algebra I & Algebra II


1st: Introduce yourself to those around you, your partners.
2nd: Sort the Tiles and Tokens in descending order.
3rd: Think of one topic in which you could use tiles to enhance the presentation.
4th: Share your choice and strategy of presentation with partners.


Manipulatives are made to be outgrown.
Consider manipulatives as a language.
Introduce with the concrete (manipulative).
Summarize with the abstract (pictures, written and spoken words and symbols).


A Number , Zero, The Opposite
"Zero In" and "Zero Out" to Simplify.
Titled Tile and Numerator / Denominator Display of Fractions
To Improve OPERATION skills, spend more time with REPRESENTATION.


Reduce Fractions
Reduce 12/15 using Tilted Tile Display.
Reduce (2x -2x -12)/(4x+8) using Numerator / Denominator Display.
Represent and Analyze (-4) / (4) and (x - 2) / ( 2 - x) and (x+4)(x-2)/(x+4)(2-x)
Multiply Fractions in Tilted Tile Display
Add fractions
Using Fraction Bars
Using Numerator / Denominator Display
Solve A Linear System
Warm Up for Solve a Linear System
by Substitution
by Linear Combination
Divide: x³ - y³ ÷ x - y
Expand (x-y)² and (x-y)³


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