Spreadsheets for Algebra and Precalculus

Session II - 9:30-10:20 with
extended time during Sharing Session - 10:30-11:05


Here we make math meaningful.
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Pick Your "Poison."
    This Is A HANDS-ON Spread Sheet Lab Designed to
  • INTRODUCE use and creation of spread sheets.
    spread sheet notes - Links to Spread Sheet Notes in Index and lessons.
  • PROVIDE exposure to spread sheets designed for precalc, algebra, and math class use.
    spread sheet notes - Links to Excel® spreadsheets.
  • Additional professional development time is available during the Sharing Session.

Design A Task or Adventures For Yourself.
    Use the Spread Sheet Index and Lessons to
  • Learn basic cell, row, column information.
  • Learn formula creation and self-computing sheets.
  • Learn to create a table, graph.
  • Create self-computing invoice for fund raisers, algebra assignments, and garage sales.
  • Build self-computing worksheets and answer keys.
    Use HOT STUFF, the Algebra, Precalc, and Math Spread Sheets to
  • See where a few years of experimentation with the above can take you.
  • Write a test and answer key.
  • Design a sheet for NOTES on lessons -- readied before class, used in class, used to reveiw as a rereun of the last class or before a test or exam.
  • Design a lesson complete with objectives, warmups, lecture, "hot" problems, and debriefing.
  • Paste and edit a sheet to create a lab.
  • Experiment
    with (x+2)/(x² -x) vs. (x+3)/(x² -x) vs. (x+5)/(x² -x)
    with (x3+x+5)/(2x2) vs. (x+5)/(x3+2x2)

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  • 330 - Trig Functions

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