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"Everything with the tablet was really sick."


Use Paint Shop and a Stylus to Improve Instruction.

Educational Philosophy

    Techniques which are suggested for LD students work well with all students.

    Color is important. White space is important. Easy access to files is important.

    Face-to-face with students contact during a class is important.

Paint Shop and a tablet can't be beat:
  • To create and post colorful and CLEAR DAILY class notes
  • To move images, screen capture, and store in notes
  • To prepare for tomorrow's work
  • To repeat favorite lessons
  • To review

    The students agree.

    See a demonstration and discuss the logistics for improving instruction in this way.

Regular Color-Coded Note Taking

  • Take regular notes (assign a problem, go over work)
  • MAT013B Solve Systems by Linear Combination Algorithm
        Here are three versions of the same notes. Which looks best?
  • Stick a Plane in the Notes
    From the class directory (directory paprgif/sample/lecture/gpapr/)
    From the internet
  • [Alt] [Print Screen] to Paste Calculator Instructions While In Lecture
  • Paste A Table in Notes from Another Image

Execute Favorite "Things"
  • Give, Then Go Over A Quiz or Go Over Homework or a Puzzle
    Post Blank Quiz
    Post Answers
  • Function Transformation Lecture w/Modeling
    Stagnent (Already Written) Notes
    Transforming Notes (Written in Class)
    Embed Calculator Work in Solving
    Additional Functions w/Graph Paper
  • Graphs of the Six Trig Functions
    Sine-Cosine Animation
    Sine and Cosine of the Quadrantals
    (Unit Circle Jig Saw Puzzle )
    Sine and Cosine and Tangent
    Odd/ Even Functions
    Graph of the Secant, Cosecant, Cotangent
    Trig Resources
  • Post Notes on the Web
    Lecture Notes: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
    [this semester's schedule w/links]
  • Retrieve Something You Didn't Think You Needed For Class (Will not link on web.)

Review or Prepare
  • Reruns of the Previous Class or Hunt for Prior Class Notes W/Paint Program
    (The Blackboard the Does Not Erase)
  • Review of 3 Weeks in 10 minutes W/Windows Using the Preview Feature with a File Directory. See (Will not link on web.)
        It is perfect to review for a test.
  • Students can print all class notes from web.
  • Before a class or test, students can review all class notes ON THEIR PHONE.
  • Review A Formula in COLOR!
  • Clarify Class Work During an Office Hour
    To Prepare for Tomorrow's Work
  • Start a class with a quiz, then go over the quiz (shown above).
  • Project Student Project Work
  • Calculator Programing Notes

To Maximize the Time You Spend Looking at Students


Local perameters: No wireless internet in building used, not permitted to put your own software on classroom machines, classes in different buildings, students are not permitted to use electronic devises in class.

  • Place to lock up the computer cart
  • cart
  • bungie cords
  • plywood cut to permit surge protector access
  • extension cord
  • surge protector
  • laptop
  • external hard drive
  • bamboo stylus and tablet
  • projector
  • plastic table cloth (if one moves between buildings)
  • cell phone (if the elevator does not work and you need to use it)
  • (any) bamboo stylus and tablet
  • (any) paint program
  • (any) FTP program
    Image Parameters
  • non-return of test day average # of files per hour of class
    -- 2 (algebra I) to 3 (precalc/stat)
  • return of test increases the # by 4 for a 2-page test
  • # of files per semester hour per class -- 90 - 150
  • pre write size -- 5k
  • post write size -- mean = 31 k, st devaition = 18 k
    Start of semester
  • set up directories
  • set up web pages with links
  • create blank gif files
    Daily Activities
  • morning file transfer from thumb drive as needed
  • end of class notes gif file transfer to desktop
  • end of day file transfer from desktop to web
  • move copy to backup directories
  • FTP of files to web site


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