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The Talk: "N' Stuff"

    Her site is really mathnstuff.com, but, it is not the "normal" math stuff.

    Large works and books are on the home page. Smaller collections and papers/presentations are "buried."

    You won't find a worksheet of practice or challenging problems unless it is included as part of a connect-the-dots puzzle.   There are math figures, but, they may be moved by the visiter.   Digitally, manipulatively, one may complete Egyptian computation or use abacus or two.

    Yes, you can also "hear a slope" and try completeing Prof. Chuck Oxman's "Ands"


The Author/Webmaster

    This semester, she's teaching 3 sections of remote live calc I and working on a revised gsp.

    She goes by professor or asquared or agnes, but, not doctor or misses or mister. Her name is Agnes Azzolino.

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