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Precalc Resources for Lecture Presentation and Test Creation

  • Examine a library of precalc resources for functions, quadratics, logs/exponents, trig, polynomial and rational functions, trig.
  • Examine spreadsheets for writing tests, quizzes, doing computation.
  • Kinesthetically explore functions.
  • Take an inverse in the visual, auditory, symbolic, and kinesthetic modalities.
  • Use connect-the-dots to review simple computations.
  • See the Unit circle move.
  • "Derive" quadrantals and trig graphs with SketchPad.
  • Graph all 6 functions w/special trig graph paper.
  • Play with the unit circle and "prove" the Pythagorean identities with it.
  • Curve shift with Excel.

Test Writing and Lecture Use
*Use compute.xls to complete arithmetic from proportions to solving trig equations
*Heronian Triangles and Pythagorean Triples
*graph paper
Harvest graphs and embed in test.
*Use solvtrig.xls to solve all sorts of triangles
*Use cramers.xls to solve systems 2x2, 3x3, systems, minors, augmented columns
*Complete maytrix computation, inverse, solve systems
Writing To Learn Assignments
      · Writing Assignments
      · Writing Project Questions
      · Possible Projects
      · Coversheet

A Library of Resources
  • Earlier Precalc
          (pre-precalc, lines, quadratics, polynomial functions, rational functions, logs/exponentials)
  • Later Precalc
  • *Stuff Sorted by Topic (logs, trig, number systems, metric, stat)
          For example:
          Hypothesis Tests
          *Conics (Listed in the Function Library)
  • *Stuff Sorted by Grade Level (games, connect the dots, intro material)
          For example:
          *Height at adulthood based on birth length and percentiles on logistic curve
          *Slope in Sound and Pictures

  • Kinesthetically Explore Functions
      Exploring Functions Through the Use of Manipulatives, the entire book
    curve shifting -- translations, dilations, reflections: algebraically and graphically

    Place the wax paper on top of the coordinate plane to graph:
    1. y= (x)
    2. y= - (x)
    3. y= ( - x)
    4. y= - (- x)
    5. y= (x - 3)
    6. y= (x + 2) - 1
    7. y= - (x + 2) - 1
    8. y= (x - 6) + 2
    9. the inverse of y= (x - 6) + 2

    more graphing
    *raw masters
    absolute value dilator in hand
    *Slopemeter w/movement
    Math Exercises (later)
    *gif masters

    Inverse Functions
    *w/paper and pencil on graph
    *Inverse Notes
    *Inverse Problems
    Take An Inverse In 4 Language Families

    Polynomial Functions Who Has
    *poly.xls by degree & coeff or in factored, synthetic division, solves
    *Pass or Touch
    *Who Has? Polynomial F(x)

    Rational Functions, End Behavior
    *ratl.xls top vs bottom, graph, endbehavior, A(x)/B(x) + C(x), asymptotes
    *Who Has? Rational F(x)

    Log & Exponential Functions
    *e by area
    log-log paper
    semi log paper
    *slide rule
    exp.xls pay, 2 curves

    See the Unit circle move. Derive Pythagorean Identities. Graph tan function.
    *unit circle jig saw puzzle master
    *similar triangles 09 *14
    The Animated Unit Circle. - Words w/text.
    Unit circle - web, active
    Unit circle - web, static
    *sine/cosine only, web active
    *sine and cosine graphed *xtra
    blank 3 planes per page, web
          3 planes per page gif

    Trig Functions
    *Lessons 330 - Trig Functions
    Last year's "Trig Tricks"
    *Sine Law Ambiguous Case
      · *web page & text
      · just the master
      · *sinelaw.xls -- sine law digital manipulative
    *sine.xls -- Asin(Bx-C)+D, sine, cosine, tangent, or sine & cosine

    It's time for "Math Exercises."

    Math Exercises web page

    Please stand.

    Use your body particularly your hands and arms to represent:

    The line y = 0, the x-axis.

    Represent the y-axis: x = 0

    Represent: y = x, the identity.

    Represent: y = -x, the opposite.

    Represent: y = x², the squaring function.

    Represent: y = |x|, the absolute value.

    Represent: y = -2x².

    Represent: y = 1/x, the reciprocal.

    Represent: x = y².

    Represent: y - |x-1|, the distance between a number and 1.

    Represent: y = |x| - 1, the absolute value, less 1.

    Represent: y = |x| + 1, the absolute value, plus 1.

    Please take your seat.

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