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Belleville High School 3rd Math Workshop
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1 to 2.30 pm.

New Buttons

    Here are some new buttons found here and at the bottom of the page. They link to work we did in the past.

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Workshop Summary
  • Quick comments on what we did last time.
  • Use spreadsheets to construct and answer test questions and examine digital manipulatives.
  • Do a little precalc, algebra, and perhaps a little statistics.
  • End with a kinesthetic exercise.

Spreadsheets and Digital Manipulatives

spread sheet notes spread sheet notes Spread Sheet & Digital Manipulatives Home Page
Excel for Teaching and Test Writing

*Multiple Strips and Fraction Bars
      Paper copy and support documents

*Sine Law Digital Manipulative
      Paper copy and support documents

*Compute Spreadsheet

*Solve Triangles Spreadsheet

*digital manipulatives, tokens  

A CAS, Computer Algebra System

    *If you wish to compute, solve, plot or graph, factor, create a truth table, show work or do all sorts of other stuff, wolframalpha is for you.

    Check out other things wolframalpha can do. .


Statistics Computation Resources

stat.xls - a spread sheet completed computes needed for hypothesis tests
HYPOTHESIS TESTS - different tests and their parameters

Write A Few Problems

Assm. Inv. II 
    Create Something New

    Now that we've played with the compute spreadsheet, you will work alone and then you will share your work.

    You do it all the time while teaching -- write a quiz, write a test, even write notes that summarize an idea or problem. Now do it using the compute spreadsheet, other spreadsheets, or the CAS.

  1. Get in a group of 3 or 4 perhaps with others that teach the same course(s) that you do.
  2. Use technology introduced on this page to write a problem that you might be able to give students while teaching or testing. Use an non EVALUATE or SYNTHESIZE verb.
    Assm. Inv. II  
  3. Be sure to include the answer with the question.
  4. If others in your group are not done, write another question and answer.
  5. Verbally share you question with your group and permit them to make suggestions or ask questions about your question. Be sure to:
    • State the course in which the question is used.
    • State the topics which have already been covered in the course.
    • State the situation in which the question is given -- during lecture, on quiz, on test, on other assignment.
    • State which technology you used to write the question/answer.
  6. Write a new question on your original course, topic, situation so it includes a verbs in the EVALUATE or SYNTHESIZE groups on the Assessment Inventory.
  7. Share the new questions with your group including the list from step 5.
  8. HOW IT IS TIME TO SHOW OFF. Select one person to share their questions with the entire class by projecting the questions on the screen.
  9. Discuss your questions with the entire group.
  10. Select, in turn, other people to share their questions with the group and then have the group discuss the work.

Polynomial and Rational Functions and Trig

Dilation to Quadratic to Polynomial to Rational Function

Quadratic Functions
*(Line)(line)=(quadratic) Summary
Polynomial Functions
more polynomials
*poly.xls by degree & coeff or in factored, synthetic division, solves
*Pass or Touch
*Who Has? Polynomial F(x)
Other Who Has Games
Rational Functions
(Line)/(line)=(rational function) another kind of dilation
*ratl.xls top vs bottom, graph, endbehavior, A(x)/B(x) + C(x), asymptotes
Notes on Rational and Polynomial Graphing Individual Graphics
Who Has? --- Rational functions
Trig Functions
*sine-sine on a spreadsheet

Basic Trig Functions and the Unit Circle

A Central Angle and the Moving Unit Circle.
  • *central angle, clockwise/counter-clockwise, coterminal, negative/positive angle measure
  • sine & cosine
  • tangent and secant
  • cotangent and cosecant
  • all 6 functions
  • all 6 functions with segments labeled
  • The Unit Circle
    web, static, but with color
    web, active
    The Animated Unit Circle. - animation w/text.
  • *UNIT CIRCLE JIG SAW PUZZLE, do it kinesthetically
          unit circle jig saw puzzle master
  • The Usual Way vs. The Active Way
    quadrantals notes the usual way
    *sine and cosine graphed
    *write on similar triangles
        completed notes on similar triangles for tangent
    All 6 Functions
    *Pythagorean Identities -- graphically and by hand symbolically
    *Examine odd/even identities
    Blank 3 plane paper
    blank 3 planes per page, web
          3 planes per page gif
    Other graph papers


It's time for "Math Exercises."

Math Exercises web page
*Math Exercises

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