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Belleville High School 2nd Math Workshop
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Workshop Summary
  • Begin the workshop with the Math Assessment Inventory.
  • Use spreadsheets to construct and answer test questions and examine digital manipulatives.
  • Do a little precalc, algebra, and perhaps a little statistics.
  • End with a kinesthetic exercise.


    We will be doing together things with an asterisk.

    We will be skipping things with no asterisk. Feel free to examine them if you wish.

    The workshop is mostly a lecture with detours in which participants can work on the material presented.

Assessment Inventory

A Journey with Self-Assessment as a Compass

  • *Part One
  • *Part Two
  • *Math Assessment Inventory
  • *Evaluate Your Tests and Assignments with the Assessment Inventory

Spreadsheets and Digital Manipulatives

spread sheet notes spread sheet notes Spread Sheet & Digital Manipulatives Home Page
Excel for Teaching and Test Writing

*Let's start with an easy Digital Manipulative -- Multiple Strips and Fraction Bars

*Sine Law Digital Manipulative

*Compute Spreadsheet

*Solve Triangles Spreadsheet

*sine-sine on a spreadsheet

*digital manipulatives, tokens  


Game for Two Players
Place playing pieces just off the board near square 1.
Move as indicated.
The winner is the first person to get to 60.
      you are told to go to a SQUARE ALREADY OCCUPIED or OFF THE BOARD.

*game42.htm - support page for a Game for Two Players
*game42.xls - a spread sheet for a Game for Two Players

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