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"Everything with the tablet was really sick."


Use the "Amazing Technicolor Wordpad and Pen!!!!"


Use Paint Shop and a Stylus to Improve Instruction.

Educational Philosophy

    Techniques suggested for LD students work well with almost all students -- color-coded notes, vary the means of instruction -- include kinesthetic as well as auditory, visual, and symbolic -- include repetition in another format, include repetition in the same format.

    Color is important. White space is important. Easy access to files is important.

    During class, face-to-face contact with students is VERY important. It can turn a lecture into a conversation.

Paint Shop and a tablet can't be beat:
  • To create and post colorful, CLEAR, DAILY, class notes.
  • To move images, screen capture, and store in notes.
  • To prepare for tomorrow's work.
  • To repeat favorite lessons.
  • To review.

    The students agree.

    See a demonstration and discuss the logistics for improving instruction in this way.

Execute Favorite "Things"
  • Give, Then Go Over A Quiz or Go Over Homework or a Puzzle
    Post Blank Quiz
    Post Answers
  • Stick a Plane in the Notes
    From the class directory graph paper files or from the internet
  • Function Transformation Lecture w/Modeling
    Stagnent Notes
    Transforming Notes
    Embed Calculator Work in Solving
    Embed Stat Table in Notes
    Additional Functions w/Graph Paper
  • Graphs of the Six Trig Functions
    Sine-Cosine Animation
    (Unit Circle Jig Saw Puzzle )
    Sine and Cosine of the Quadrantals
    Odd/ Even Functions
    Graph of the Secant, Cosecant, Cotangent
    Trig Resources
  • Post Untouched Lecture Notes
    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
    stat tables baby plane
    [this semester's schedule w/links]

  • Post Class or Lecture Notes
    0 blank Lecture Notes
    1 start running, erase, change color, paste easy, spill color, include graph
    2 black algorithm, colored algorithm
    3 color-coded algorithm
    4 Veronica's bowtie, secant, arccosine, unit circle for cosine w/triangle, w/animation
    5 algebra 1 graph quiz
    6 algebra 1 graph quiz answers
    7 stagnent graphs
    8 transforming graphs
    9 embed calculator screen-capture in solving
    10 ICE [illustrate, compute, explain stat problem] embed stat table
    11 additional functions for transformations
    12 Unit Circle Animation yields sines, cosines of quadrantals
    13 Graph of sine and cosine then tangent
    14 Odd/Even, Pythagorean identities
    15 Graph of secant, cosecant then cotangent
    16 Binomial distribution formula with notation as a resource
    17 Student project
    18 Computer Set up
    19 Notes for today
    20 Some graph paper
    21 Computer on Wheels for Outside Transport
    22 stat tables
    baby plane plain plane

  • Retrieve Something You Didn't Think You Needed For Class
  • Reruns
    Of Previous Class W/Paint Program w/ability to edit notes
    Of 3 Weeks in 10 minutes W/Windows Explorer. See RED 030-047
    Of This Presentation (see below)
  • Clarify Class Work During an Office Hour
  • Calculator Programing Notes

To Maximize the Time You Spend Looking at Students


Local parameters: No wireless internet in building used, not permitted to put your own software on classroom machines, classes in different buildings, students not permitted to use electronic devises in class.

  • Place to lock up the computer cart
  • cart
  • bungie cords
  • plywood cut to permit surge protector access
  • extension cord
  • surge protector
  • laptop
  • external hard drive
  • bamboo stylus and tablet
  • projector
  • plastic table cloth
  • cell phone
  • (any) bamboo stylus and tablet
  • (any) paint program
  • (any) FTP program
    Image Parameters
  • non-return of test day average # of files per hour of class
    -- 2 (algebra I) to 3 (precalc/stat)
  • return of test increases the # by 4 for a 2-page test
  • # of files per semester hour -- 90 - 150
  • pre write size -- 5k
  • post write size -- = 31 k, = 18 k
    Start of semester
  • set up directories
  • set up web pages with links
  • create blank gif files
    Daily Activities
  • morning file transfer from move directory
  • end of gif/class file transfer to desktop
  • end of day file transfer from desktop to move directory and backup
  • move copy to backup directories
  • FTP of files to web site


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