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Algebra - formulas, expressions involving formulas

  • Definitions
  • Formulas
  • Write code & expressions using formula formats
  • Homework

Day14, Definitions
Value - the total worth
Distance - a length, a unit measure
Area - the number of square units
Volume - the number of cubic units
Perimeter - distance around a plane figure
Sum - result of addition
Product - result of multiplication
Difference or remainder - result of subtraction
Quotient - result of division

Area & Other Formulas
Arearectangle= (base)(height)
Arearectangle= bh
Arearectangle= (length)(width)
Arearectangle= lw
Areatriangle= (base)(height)/2
Areatriangle= bh/2
Areatriangle= ½bh
Areaparallelogram= (base)(height)
Areatriangle= bh
Areacircle= (radius)2
Areacircle= r2
(height)((base1) + (base2))/2
Areatrapezoid= (h)((b1) + (b2))/2
Areatrapezoid= ½(h)((b1) + (b2))
Other Formulas
(Distance) = (Rate)(Time)
(Value of Stuff) = (Number of Items)(Value of one item)
(Value of Stuff) = (#)($)

Write code & expressions using formula formats
Write the code & expression
1. area of a triangle in which the base is 4 units longer than the height.
2. the area of a circle in which the radius is one more than a number
3. the distance traveled at a certain speed for 12 hours
4. the value of five dimes
5. the value of some dimes

Qu. 1 & 2: Write the code & expression
1. the perimeter of a triangle in which the smallest side is one less than the middle and the largest side is one more than the middle
2. the total value of the following coins:
some pennies,
five more nickels than pennies,
one fewer quarter than the number of pennies
3. Write an algebraic area problem and answer it.

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