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Introduction to Algebra

Features of the Course

  • 1 hour/day, 4 days/week, 2 semesters
  • fewer pages of notes -- 2-4/day
  • fewer examples
  • Internet connection and graphics always available and used if needed.
  • RERUNS of previous day or days are possible because prof's lecture notes are projectable.
  • [Words] Classes
  • No textbook. "Extensive" notes/resource material exists on the net.
  • No textbook. Prof & students write the homework assignment or the prof has preprepared sheet or internet assignement.
  • Talking, among students, between problems --- DTWYP, Discuss This With Your Partner
  • First exposure is almost always informally in the Mother Tongue
  • Word problems are read to students first, rather than reading the printed version first
  • Distance problems introduced with fingers drawing paths in the air.
  • Early brief intro to important ideas, then, return to topic at hand.
  • Creation component occurs early and often.

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