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    Your Computer's Calculator's Constant Feature

Your Computer's Calculator  
  • No points have been marked on this page for BREAKs. Decide for yourself when to break.
  • Keep both notes open and your calculator open.

The Constant Feature  

    Use your computer's calculator to complete each example.

    Chain-logic calculators and your computer's calculator have an automatically feature called the constant feature which repeats the same operation over and over with reduced keystrokes by using the equal sign, [=].

    Here we use the constant feature to count by some constant.

  • Enter the initial number,
  • Press [+] to add some constant or [-] to subtract some constant,
  • Enter the constant to be added or subtracted,
  • Press the [=] again and again displaying each new result

Example #1: The Three Times Tables

  • [0][+][3][=] is 3,
  • [=] is 6,
  • [=] is 9, ...


Example #2: Counting Down from 10

  • [10][-][1][=] is 9
  • [=] again is 8
  • [=] again is 7
  • ... [=] again is 0, BLAST OFF!
  • [=] again is -1
  • [=] again is -2, ...

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