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TI83-84 MATH SPOKEN HERE! Basic TI83 Statistics

Table of Contents for CALCULATORing
Table of Contents for MIDDLE GROUND, Statistics
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1:1-Var Stats
2:2-Var Stats
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Here we do 1-Var Statistics only
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Enter Data

    Press [STAT] then [ENTER] to select 1:Edit.

    In the lists menu your data is entered in the highlighted location, here shown in List 1, Position 1.

    Note that the data is listed as a list of data points.

    All the data in a list may be cleared with the [CLEAR] button when the title of the list is selected by placement of the curser in the title location.

    Individual data points may also be written over by placement of the curser in the data point location.

    Data may also be entered using the [STO] button and { }, braces above the ( ) parenthises.   L2, list 2, is found above the [2] button.

    The [EDIT] option may also be used to name a list.  The first 6 lists are by default L1, L2, ..., L6.  Here the list has been named "BOB."

    [SetUpEditor] with no arguement reshuffles to default L1, L2, ..., L6. Other options resuffle as desired.

    The [SetUpEditor] option reshuffles the order of the lists to show L1 and "BOB."


    Sorts are either ascending or descending.   Commands are made on the home screen.

Clear List

    Clear List may be performed from the home screen or as outlined above in the Edit List Menu.

1:1-Var Stats

    Once data has been entered in a list through the [STAT][EDIT] commands, analysis of the data can be performed.

    Press [STAT], then curser over to [CALC], then press [ENTER] to select 1:1-Var Stat. This will run the command from the home screen.

    The default list is L1. Here the L1 has been selected.

    One-Variable statistics can not all fit on one screen.

    It is necessary to curser down to see the remaining statistics.

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