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Powers of Ten  

    Material of many levels of sophishistication is presented on this page. Some of it should be familiar. Some of it should be completely new.


  • No points have been marked on this page for BREAKs. Decide for yourself when to break.
  • Keep both notes open and your calculator open.
  • If you only have the computer calculator, use it to verify the easier examples. A scientific or graphing calculator will work for all.
  • You might find the word list on NAME THAT NUMBER (PART I) to be of value.
  • You might find the table on place value to be useful.

Some of the Integer Powers of Ten  

    This list extends infinitely at each end.

    Examine the list, generalize or make an observation about a pattern or patterns you see, and record your observations below the list.

1 quadrillion
100 trillion
10 trillion
1 trillion
100 billion
10 billion
1 billion
100 million
10 million
1 million
100 thousand
10 thousand
1 thousand
1 hundred
1 tenth
1 hundredth
1 thousandth
1 billionth

    Please state your observations.

Writing 2, 3, 4 As Powers of Ten


    Each number may be written as a power of ten.

    The larger a number is, the larger the power of 10 required to represent it. THERE IS NO WAY WITHOUT KNOWLEGDE OF LOGS OR A CALCULTOR OR MATH TABLES FOR THE READER TO DETERMINE THE EXPONENTS LISTED BELOW. The reader of this page is not expected to study logs now!


    Please state your observations.

Writing 2, 20, 200 As Powers of Ten


    Using the integer powers of ten and the decimal or fractional powers of ten, any number may be written.


    1. Please state your observations.

    2. Use only the tables above and your observations to answer. Ten to what power is 20,000?


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