Dodecahedron Net and Instructions

  2003, A2

Materials Needed:
· tape
· a copy of the template in image or Word document form.
· scissors
· (optional) staight edge or ruler
To Assemble:
1st:   Print the document or image.
Edit the image as desired.
If it is too small, take a printed copy and use the enlarge feature of a copy machine to make a bigger copy.
Many copy machines also use paper that is 11" by 17" so a very large version is possible but accuracy and rigidity are decreased.
2nd:   Score using the straight edge or ruler, as desired.
3rd:   Cut out the shape so that one piece of paper with 12 pentagons is all that remains.
4th:   Fold every printed line segment back and forth.
Perhaps pinch the paper between your thumbnail and forefinger to make the crease or fold very sharp and more flexible.
5th:   Assemble using tape on the inside or outside of the solid as desired.
Additional Resosurces
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© March 1, 2003, A2