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Area, Perimeter Assignment 2
Create a Work sheet to Compute Areas

Let's start with the homework.
Create and answer an area question like the one below.
1st: Quiz on definitions, formulas, and computing area and perimeter.
2nd: Produce spread sheet which will compute the areas of:
For each of the above the spread sheet will include:
the graphic from this page --
      Copy & Paste it into the spread sheet.
cells in which to place required dimensions
cells which use formulas to complete the computation.
For more information on how formulas work see: formulas or other spread sheet info at the :Spread Sheet Info Pages"
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  The homework must have at least 3 figures in it. To switch between applications use ALT + TAB and release when you get to the the application you need. 1st: open excel. 2nd: open the web page. 3rd: in the web page, right click on 1 picture and copy it. 4th: go to excel. 5th: paste it in excel using CRTL + V.
the symbol in Excel for , pi is
the symbol for square is
To test the formula for computing the area of a trapezoid use the following info:
area of a trapezoid: h(b1 + b2) divided by 2
you figure out the needed formula and check it with
b1 = 2
b2 = 4
height = 6
area = 18 square units
Email your spread sheet to yourself and to your prof.

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