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Foreword by M. Eileen Hansen, Ed. D.

Math Spoken Here! is a unique attempt to create a book that can be used by students to learn mathematical vocabulary and concepts. Its presentation provides the mathematical terms in a variety of ways which enhance the student's ability to learn. First, it gives the word with phonetic transcriptions (listed in the front of the book) so that a student can learn the pronunciation. This is particularly important for ESL students but can be beneficial to all students. Second, definitions are given for math terms followed by the definition in the English vernacular. Again, this is extremely important for ESL students to increase their vocabulary as well as learn math concepts.

The visual approach to this text also adds to its unique approach. Whenever possible, visual diagrams accompany the definitions. In addition, tapes are planned which will reinforce the concepts. The total approach of phonetic transcription, visual examples and language based definitions make this text an exceptional tool for any student involved in math courses.

M. Eileen Hansen, Ed. D.,

Director of English as a Second Language

Middlesex County College

Edison, NJ 08818-3050

November 11, 1995

This is a page from the dictionary MATH SPOKEN HERE!, published in 1995 by MATHEMATICAL CONCEPTS, inc., ISBN: 0-9623593-5-1.   You are hereby granted permission to make ONE printed copy of this page and its picture(s) for your PERSONAL and not-for-profit use.

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