Test 4 and the Final Exam will be "take-home" exams which will be EMAILED to you and COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED at the following times:

Test 4
BLUE Friday, midnight
YELLOW Thursday midnight
GREEN Thursday midnight
Final Exams
BLUE class 9:50 am Thursday
YELLOW class 9:50 am Wednesday
GREEN class 1:50 pm Wednesday

Each file must be RENAMED and ATTACHED or IT WILL NOT BE GRADED.   Your ##.First.Last.AssignmentCode must be written on every "page/sheet" of every file you submit or NO CREDIT FOR THAT PAGE.

If you do not know how to do this, view the video listed in the white box below.

There are 2 kinds of graded assignments -- those submitted through a forms page and those sumitted by an email attachment.




Tests/quizzes which are pdf, gif, jpg, word, wp files,
must be downloaded, worked on, then emailed as an attachment.

math home

      If you do not get an email receipt within 24 hours for this assignment or any assignment sent via your class email, send a message to me using the pink message box on the math.htm page.

From the Letter, "Instructions follow.
In summary:
    On any day. and without prior notice, you must be ready and able, in full view of a video camera, to receive, print, edit/complete/answer a quiz then scan it (with phone is fine, but it must NOT be a fuzzy picture), rename it as described below, then email it as an attachment (and NOT in the body of the email) to the email address listed below.
    A phone scanner is available for free but you must register for Windows Office (also free) and install it on your phone.
    See How to Scan a Document to your Phone by Kevin Stratvert at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfJT_eYDTmDE-ovKaxVE1ig.
1. Write your assignment header
    two-digit personal number.FirstName.LastName <EmailAddress> Assignment Code as in:
    00.asquared.azzolino <bfa22@mathnstuff.com> 1st
2. Rename your file(s) as
    two-digit personal number.FirstName.LastName.Assignment Code as in:
3. ATTACH your file(s) to an email.
4. These emails go to:
            or yfa22@mathnstuff.com

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