Calc Questionbook - The Project
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    The project focuses on written and oral communications skills and mastery of some topic in mathematics. Some project related questions are completed in class,others "at home," others in the instructor's office. They include: choosing a topic, rough draft, final draft, presentation, extra problem, web page.

The project questions are:
Choose and obtain the instructor's approval of a project topic for a 10-minute algebra lecture.
Pr2.& Pr3.
Obtain approval of the a 2-page, 8-1/2" x 11" paper, draft of your project notes.
Have a conference with the instructor about the focus, content, and presentation of your project.
Obtain approval of the final version of your notes.
Make your presentation to the class.
Write and answer, after you have made your oral presentation, one additional test or exam question of "B student difficulty."
After approval of final draft, create a web page using this content.
Some of the Possible Project Topics or Titles

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