The Visual / Auditory / Symbolic / Kinesthetic Approach to Algebra

      All manipulative work for Pascal's Triangle and the Binomial Expansion has already been done. Now review some math vocabulary before it can be viewed from a concrete, manipulative, perspective.

      The review includes vocabulary and pictures many elementary, middle, and high school teachers have not seen.

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Sets of Numbers

Odd and Even Numbers


Natural Numbers, Their Sums, Their Product, Factorials

      Though 0 is not a natural number, zero factorial, 0! Is defined to be 1.

Square Numbers, Triangle Numbers, and Pyramid Numbers

      So what is the purpose of the above analysis? It's to find patterns that lead to understanding and to eliminate computation required to expand a binomial. Find and verify a pattern, gain new insight, and decrease or eliminate long, messy computation., Unit 41   © 2008, A. Azzolino