The Visual / Auditory / Symbolic / Kinesthetic Approach to Algebra

Make Experts Using Creation and Interpretation Activities.

      First REPRESENT, use nouns and things, and OPERATE, use verbs, in the acquisition of algebra or any other new language.

      Also, CREATE, to build ownership and insight of material, and INTERPRET, to create experts, and use the creation assignments to review, reinforce, and extend the representation and operation work.

      Term Tiles & Tokens supplies these 3 spread sheets to facilitate CREATION and INTERPRETATION by "students" and "teachers." With restrictions, edit, enlarge, create, to your heart's content.

  • tiles.xls -- for the parent, teacher, professional educator contains ALL "manipulative graphics" and active hot cells.
  • create.xls -- for students, though it includes no active hot cells and only some of the "manipulative graphics."
  • hot.xls -- for students, and includes active hot cells of tiles.xls and only some of the "manipulative graphics."
The student spread sheets create.xls and hot.xls permit:
  • Taking and storing notes on a lesson involving Term Tiles & Tokens.
  • Communicating manipulatively in a situation where computer work is visible to an instructor.
  • Student to create tests, quizzes, and projects using Term Tiles graphics.
  • Complete homework and teacher-written projects.


      It is suggested that each student make a copy of the teacher's pick of the spread sheets. The student can then add work sheets to the spreadsheet for each assignment or project.

For Example ...

  • Create 3 statements not discussed in class and represent them in words, in tiles & tokens, and in symbols.
  • Write and answer a quiz of 3 questions on the material covered since the last test.
  • Make a picture with tiles and explain some mathematical aspect of your picture.
  • Illustrate the simplification of -3 - -4 by "take away" and by "add the opposite." State which method you prefer and why you prefer it.
1st:Write two problems similar to: Simplify 3(x+1) + 2(x-3).
2nd:On another work sheet, copy the problem, show work, and state answer.
3rd:Exchange the your original 2 problems with another student and take his/her 2 problems.
4th:Complete your partner's problems.
5th:Grade the papers.
  • Write a cheat sheet for the next test. Include completed problems or work as needed., Unit 13   © 2008, A. Azzolino