Grading/Cheating Policy, & Final Grade
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Quarter Grades

    In my "Letter to Students" I state: "I DO NOT DROP ANY GRADE in this class. The QUESTION BOOK & PROJECTS are 30% of the quarter grade. The TESTS are 40%. The HOMEWORKS, DAILY (OR SEMIDAILY QUIZZES) are 30%.

    Enter info and press AVERAGE to compute the quarter average so far.

Homework & Quizzes
Project & Writing
Handbook Says

    Page 11 of the "Facutly Handbook" states:

Semester Grades

    First quarter is 40% of the semester grade. Second quarter is 40% of the semester grade. Midterm Exam 20% of the semester grade.

    Enter info and press AVERAGE to compute the semester average so far.

    One might experiment with different Midterm Exam grades to see what the Semester Grade becomes.

1st Q
2nd Q
Final Grades for the Entire Course

    In summary, final grades will be computed using the following formula:

    Grade = .16(q1) + .16(q2) +.08(mt) + .20(q3) + .20(q4) + .20(fe)

    This page permits a student to determine "WHAT YOU NEED" in order to end the semester with a desired grade. EACH STUDENT IS REQUIRED TO TAKE THE FINAL EXAM, even if a negative "needed" points is determined below.

1st:     For each item, enter a number representing your grade.
The computer will weight the grade for you.
Item Weight   Grade Status
1. 1st Quarter16 % Completed  
2. 2nd Quarter16 % Completed
3. Midterm   8 % Completed
4. 3rd Quarter   20 % Completed
5. 4th Quarter20 % Open
6. Final Exam 20 % Open
Nominal Grade for Course
Range   Grade Is:
100 to 89   A
88 to 79   B
78 to 69   C
68 to 59   D
58 to 55   F
55 or less   F
2nd:     Enter the grades you have then press
to determine the total number of points earned out of a possible 100 points.
Remember if this number is 59, 69, 79, 89, 99, round it up to 60, 70, 80, 90, or 100. .
3rd:     Notice that a 100% on the final exam is worth only 20 points.
Notice that a 100% on the 4th quarter is worth only 20 points.
4th:     Use the table in step 1 and experiment to see what it will take to earn the grade you wish.

    If grades are curved by teacher choice, this is the format of the grading.

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